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If you are a beginner we start with the cockpit drill and controls, to moving off and stopping, junctions, roundabouts and so on, all on nice quiet roads. When you learn to drive the sooner you become confident with basic routines the sooner we progress to other subjects and busier, faster roads. You will learn to drive at your own pace, to keep it safe and fun. I will not push you unless you are confident in what you are doing, and then as your confidence grows, I will push you a little harder to make you think and react to the ever changing road conditions. If you are partially trained we will start with an assessment to see what you can do and move on from there. You will be able to check your own progress as on your first lesson you will receive a PROGRESS RECORD / APPOINTMENT CARD which will show what subjects we have covered and at what level you are at within that subject.

The headings on the card are:

INTRODUCED - I have introduced you to the theory of a driving subject.

GUIDED - I guide you through that subject as you practise it.

PROMPTED - I ask you questions while you are practising to remind you what to do.

RARELY PROMPTED - I only have to question you occasionally as a reminder on that subject.

INDEPENDENT - You do it perfectly so I don't have to say a thing, you have developed a great skill / good habit.

The PROGRESS RECORD / APPOINTMENT CARD will also tell you the date, day and time of your next lesson.

When you learn to drive and after you have had several lessons I will lend you a folder that has lots of useful information on the Theory and Driving Tests. This you can also use to evaluate your progress / performance as it tells you what is expected of you on your driving test covering all the different driving subjects / disciplines that we will cover.

How Many Lessons Will I Need?

That is totally dependent on you, on how quickly you pick up the new skills that you are being taught. What previous experience do you have? You may have had lessons before, pr driven off road, so know how to control a car, you may ride a motorbike, and even if you ride a push bike you will have some basic road experience.

You can do some preparation work before you get in a car, reading the 'Highway Code', 'Know Your Traffic Signs', 'DRIVING, The Essential Skills', and practise on some Hazard Perception DVDs, these will help towards your theory test. Most of my lessons will be based on the book "DRIVING, The Essential Skills", so you can come to lessons with some theoretical knowledge of the subject we are learning that day and, even if you don't fully understand it, it will make more sense as you practise the skills that you have read about. This will save us both time and YOU MONEY! These are available at a discount from - books - driving.

I can help you to prepare for your theory test, as you have to pass this before you can book your driving test, and when you're driving skills and confidence have increased we can discuss booking your driving test so we have a target to prepare and aim for. You may want to take your test before a certain date, we can also work towards that to ensure that you are confident and ready for your test.

To book your theory and driving test go to the DSA website, where you will also find some useful information concerning the tests. NOTE: Be aware of other websites that offer to book these tests for you as they will charge for this service!

Once you have had some lessons you may be in a situation where you can do some private practise. This can greatly reduce the cost but be AWARE, you must only practise the skills that I have taught you and do them properly, or this can lead to you developing bad habits, which at this early stage can become a big problem to correct. Some relatives and friends are reluctant to allow learners to practise in their car because of the cost of the insurance or the worry that their no-claims bonus could be at risk, but you can now purchase a separate insurance policy in the name of the learner driver. This would be a great help before your test to improve your confidence and technique. Visit and to receive a discount quote: 373945.

D.S.A. average hours: 40 hours with private practise, 60 hours with no private practise. See my Pass Rates.


Mick Chapple   07932 724427
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