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Terms and Conditions

Straight On Driving School operates an equal opportunities policy, which will not discriminate against race, colour, creed, gender or sexual orientation.
Payment for the lesson is to be paid at the start of each lesson, either by cash or cheque (payable to M. J. Chapple). We can make a detour to a cash point machine during the lesson, but please be aware that this is YOUR time.
The next lesson will usually be arranged at the end of the current lesson. The date, day and time will be entered onto your "PROGRESS RECORD / APPOINTMENT CARD". If you are block booking the lessons can all be booked in advance or on a next lesson basis. If you do not complete your block booking for any reason, any outstanding monies will be refunded.
I will send you a "lesson reminder" text the day or evening before your lesson.
Unless 48 hours notice is given before any lesson cancellation, on the first occasion you will receive a "CANCEL WARNING" text. Any subsequent times you cancel within 48 hours you will receive a "CANCEL £25 PENALTY" text; this will have to be paid at the start of your next lesson.
I will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible if I cannot attend your lesson, for any reason e.g. mechanical breakdown, emergency, illness etc., and rearrange that lesson for a future date and time.
If you have your lessons on the same day and time each week, any DRIVING TEST that coincides with that day and time will take priority over your lesson.
Booking your theory test - this you can do yourself via the DSA website or by phone.
Booking your driving test - this we will discuss to make sure that you are ready. You will then book it yourself via the DSA website or by phone. You MUST quote my ADI/PRN which is 373945, this will ensure that your test date and time does not clash with any driving tests of my other pupils which have already been booked.
If you book you driving test before I think you are ready and do not want to rearrange it, I will NOT allow you to use my car for that test.
Data Privacy Information - Please be assured that I take your data very seriously, keep it secure at all times and would never share it with any third-party. If you would like to read my privacy policy please email me and I will send you a copy.


Mick Chapple   07932 724427

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